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More of our adventure into candle lantern making.

Beading the post edges

I used a Casey & Kitchell fully boxed 1/4 side bead to make a proud bead on the sides
of the post.  A proud bead is made by making the bead normally with the stock flat on the bench,
then turing the stock vertically (as shown) and cutting a second bead along side the first one.  The
posts were then rip sawed from the stock.

Grooving the posts for the glass

This is a shot of grooving the posts for the glass.  I used a Summers Varvill (English)
5/8 grooving plane with a 1/8 iron from an Auburn Tool 3/8 grooving plane.  Why
didn't I use the plow?  I've found that for a lot of these kinds of jobs (like paneled doors)
that the grooving plane works just as well and without the setup time.  (The "elbow
lubricant" on the right was courtesy of a visiting tool collecting friend.)

Base of the  lantern assembled

Here is the assembled base of the lantern.  6x6 piece of stock with the edges
chamfered with my 1 1/2 H. Chapin skew rabbet.  The posts are attached using #8 x 2 screws.

Lantern Front Back of lantern showing door

Here is the assembled lantern..the top was a slightly smaller (5 1/2 x 5 1/2) piece of stock.
The bottom edge is chamfered the same as the bottom piece.  The vent was cut out by
drilling all 4 corners with a small bit and a coping saw to make the cut-out.  The door was
cut from the thin piece of stock left over from resawing the piece.  I glued a piece of mirror to the
door (I should have had the mirror glass cut smaller so I would have had room to make brackets for it.)
 The candle holder is a 3/4 copper pipe cap sitting on a smaller (2 1/2 x2 1/2) diamond of sheet copper.

And finally...

What else?

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