I received a request a from a friend who saw the pictures of the lamp that I had built
back in the spring, (see  Lantern Building 101 ) to make one for her.  I used my basic
lamp plan (see  Lamp Plan), with a back access door (as in the one on the other page), but added
moulded feet, some brass trim, and changed the mirror attachment on the door.  This lantern
is made of red mahogany, the lamp is sitting on a section of the plank.


The feet were made by moulding a piece of stock with a early English complex moulder
(unmarked), then cutting the rebate where the base sits into with a Iohn Green (York Eng)
wedge arm plow plame.  The glass rails were shaped by a skew ovolo made by F. Dallicker,
a early maker from north of Philadelphia, and the glasss rebates with a Stothert (Bath Eng)
match plow plane.

Foot profile

This is the cross section of the foot profile.  The mahogany worked really well and for the
most part was fairly straight grained.

Group of planes Iohn Green Plow Plane

On the left are the complex used on the foot, the match plow and the ovolo.  On the right is the Iohn Green plow.

Back view showing the door

This shows the door details

The glass rails are 12" long and unlike the last one, where I was able to mould then in a
single run, these came off of a 12 inch board.  I moulded each piece then ripsawed it off.  I
needed a way to hold the pieces while I cut the glass groove, so I made the moulding jig as show on
the left.  The bench planes were used extensively in the stock preparation and the
skew rabbet (H. Chapin Union Factory 1 1/2 inch) was used throughout.

Molding Jig Bench planes

The moulding jig along with my holdfast and planing stop is in the right picture.  The four bench planes I used are on the right.

Lamp back with the door open

This is the view with the candle door open, I left the mirror float a little in the brackets (and none on top)
because of problems that someone reported to me with them cracking due to expansion.

Saws and Miscellaneous

The usual reportoire of saws used on this project.  The pliers type device is what I used for making the bends in the brass hood.

This is a close-up of the inside.  The candle holder is a stock wooden piece that I fitted a 3/4
copper pipe end cap into (concerned about fire her).  The brass base and the brass for the
hood is .015 sheet stock from a hobby shop.  The handle is a strip of .030 stock.  To hold
the mirror, I just rabbeted strips and attached them to the door with screws.  I left a small amount
of side to side play and the top is open to allow for the mirror expanding under the heat of the candle.

The finish is Minwax Red Mahogany to bring out the color, topped with my old time
wax formula (see  Formula ).  Total time was over 20 hours.

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