Years ago, if when asked what do you do for a living and you replied "Woodworker", you would have gotten a lot of "so what" kind of looks. Up until the Civil War, almost every trade involved working with wood in some way or fashion. Even after the Civil War, it took until the turn of the century until wood was out and metal was in. So much for progress.
The following is a list of the old trades dealing with wood.  Some of the trades were not practiced as such in this country as they were in England. However most of our early country's lifestyle was patterned on that of an English village, it is important to be aware of them. This list is not all-inclusive and is subject to opinion and revision as needed.

Maker of barrels, buckets, and casks
Carpenter, builder of buildings Furniture maker
He who makes the trees into lumber
The maker of wagons and carriages Maker of wheels.

Updated 04/29/2003

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