A workbench is just a table without the tools for holding and clamping
the work.  The following are some of the tools I have used.  To see the
photo full size, just click on it, then use your Back button to return to
the page.

This is the standard iron bench dog.  
Roughly 1" square, it has a spring to 
allow it to be used at different heights.  
These are a different form of the bench
dog.  These have points on the bottom 
to be driven into the bench top.  Used
for holding lighter stock.
This is a holdfast.  Unlike the other items on 
this page this is a newer one.  The head
is cast iron pinned to an iron bar.  Older ones
were forged out of a single piece
of iron.
This is a planing stop.  This is made of folded
strap iron so that it can be adjusted for height
and toothed on the end to hold the edge of the
board.  Used in conjunction with the larger
iron bench dog either set in the end vise.
This is a mitre hook.  Unlike the other items
shown, this isn't for holding stock, rather 
this is guide for cutting mitres.
This one is made from a solid block 
of mahogany.

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