Also called a Joynter, joiner.: Your cabinet and furniture maker.

 Probably the most visible and well-known of the woodworking trades and the trade closest to our current
"woodworker" tag..  They made furniture and furnishings.  The tools they used were similar to the housewright,
but smaller.  Here was the home of the molding plane. A shop may have a few as 30 or into the hundreds, to cut
and work the various shapes.

The saws were finer and included the turning saw, (the predecessor of the current coping saw), used for making
fine cuts and the veneer saw, which was a framed saw, with the sides fairly close, used for sawing the 1/8
or smaller veneers of the day.

Emphasis was placed on quality and appearance. Jointers also made chairs and other turned items. On
many of the early pieces, carving was an important decorative element.
Some jointers did the carving themselves, others worked with a woodcarver
to supply them with the needed adornments.

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